Delve Beginner’s Guide

Welcome new Delve players!

Welcome to the Beginner’s Guide. Here you will find basics about the server and how to navigate the Delve as a newbie. My intention is to get you familiar with account types, locations, pets, and general information that will help your experience and make you efficient.


Account Types / Benefits

There are currently 8 different account types in Delve that range in difficulty and offer different bonuses based on that difficulty:

  • Standard: (XP RATE = 50X) (DROP RATE BONUS = 0%)
  • Hardcore Ironman: (XP RATE = 50X) (DROP RATE BONUS = 0%)
  • Regular Ironman: (XP RATE = 50X) (DROP RATE BONUS = 0%)
  • Group Ironman: (XP RATE = 50X) (DROP RATE BONUS = 0%)
  • Rogue: (XP RATE = 5X) (DROP RATE BONUS = 10%)
  • Hardcore Rogue Ironman: (XP RATE = 5X) (DROP RATE BONUS = 12%)
  • Ultimate Ironman: (XP RATE = 50X) (DROP RATE BONUS = 0%)

Picking account type will come down to preference but types that have lower xp rates will be rewarded with higher drop rates, which means more loot for those who choose the harder route.


Once you have chosen your account type and received a small starter package, the first thing you want to do is vote (::vote). After using (::Reward 1 all) to claim your votes, you will begin building a point streak that could be spent on temporary boosts like a 5% drop rate increase or an XP boost increase. On the 5th day, you will receive a red streak point which can be spent on a Dragonstone box once you accumulate 4 red streak points (20 days of voting).

Vote crystals can be exchanged into points at @ home via right-clicking the vote shop. You can then spend those rewards on various rewards such as ring of wealth, XP lamps/scrolls, and world boosting seeds. You can even buy mystery boxes if you stack enough of them. Voting daily will make a huge difference for not only the server but the progress of your account.

Battle Pass

Delve offers a unique battle pass which offers outstanding rewards over time just by playing the game. You unlock tiers by getting XP which can be through skilling, bossing, training, etc.

There is a free and a premium pass. You will automatically begin accumulating progress from the start of your account and will unlock rewards for both pass versions. However, you will need to purchase the premium pass from the store for $30. The rewards that can be achieved are excellent and purchasing the pass is probably the smartest/most efficient way to donate in Delve. You can use ::bp in-game to view rewards for levels 56 in total. Pass resets every 90 days.

Buying the pass does NOT add to your total in-game donated only consuming scrolls will progress your donator rank. But you will receive scrolls in your premium pass rewards.

Daily Rewards

Every 24 hours you can receive a free reward from the Daily Rewards Manager (located @ home near the leaderboards stand). The only requirement is having a total level of 500 to start collecting.

After collecting for 30 days, the days will refresh and you will start over.

Upgrade Table

Another unique feature Delve has is the upgrade table. Here you can attempt to upgrade weapons, armor, keys, skilling gear, and other loot into better options. Most upgrades require a fixed amount of GP to attempt and success rates will vary based on the item you’re going for. Successfully upgrading means getting your new item and failing it obviously means losing the item you gambled to begin with. GP is always lost; you will not get your GP back even if you successfully upgrade.

Fire of Molten Shards (FOMS)

The Fire of Molten Shards is probably one of the most important pieces of content on the server. While you collect significant drops, they can be exchanged for Molten Shard points. These points will be used to purchase custom pets and other rewards. Right-clicking the fire and selecting sacrifice rates will show you the number of exchange points you will receive for sacrificing your item. Based on that number, you will choose what bosses are worth grinding to keep stacking up your points.

While pets will be your priority in the FOMS shop, you can also find important things like overloads, chest rate bonuses, and auto leveling scrolls.


FOMS pets are arguably the most important thing in the game. These pets will drastically improve your efficiency, drop rate, and damage in combat. Below I will list each pet followed by a description and price:

  • Postle Pete – 25000 shards: 80% chance to pick up crystal keys that drop.
  • Imp – 35000 shards: 80% chance to pick up clue scrolls that drop.
  • Toucan – 30000 shards: 80% to pick up resource packs.
  • Penguin King – 35000 shards: 80% chance to pick up coin bags.
  • Klik – 150000 shards: an extra 5% in drop rate boost (boost is active with pet in inventory).
  • Shadow Warrior – 75000 shards: 50% chance for an additional +10% strength bonus in PVM.
  • Shadow Archer – 75000 shards: 50% chance for an additional +10% range strength bonus in PVM.
  • Shadow Wizard – 75000 shards: 50% chance for an additional +10% mage strength bonus in PVM.
  • Healer Death Spawn – 80000 shards: 5% chance hit restores HP.
  • Holy Death Spawn – 80000 shards: 5% chance ½ of your hit is restored into prayer.
  • Seren – 100000 shards: 50% chance for Wildy Event Bosses to hit a 0.
  • Corrupt Beast – 500000 shards: Extra 5% in drop rate and 50% chance for +10 strength bonus in all styles of PVM.
  • Roc – 500000 shards: an extra 10% in drop rate boost (boost is active with pet in inventory).
  • Kratos – 2500000 shards: Has all of the pets’ perks in one excluding Roc’s 10% drop rate. Instead, it has a 5% drop rate.

Note: Both Roc/Klik can be used from the inventory meaning you can have a separate pet dropped while getting the benefit of both pets.

Locations / Home NPCs (Shops, Slayer, etc.)

There are plenty of NPCs that you will eventually need to use throughout your journey. The most important ones are at home while there are other shops/slayer masters scattered across Delve.

Shops are located North West of home. Here you will find a melee shop, a ranged shop, a food/potion shop, boss point shop, and a general store. Most of your early gear will be purchased in this area.

You will find the Chest area a few steps east of the shops. Frost keys, vote keys, wildy keys—any key that isn’t Larran's will be opened here.

North of Shops is the mage store. You will find runes and basic mage gear in this shop.

East of home you will find the slayer area which will have multiple slayer masters based on where/what you are trying to hunt. The daily task manager is also located in this area.

A few steps North west of slayer shops you will find the donator shop/vote point shop secured behind barricades. You will also find mills here to teleport you to the abyss for runecrafting.

South west from home you will find the rejuvenation pool, teleport beam, upgrade table, and Fire of Molten Shards.

Skilling shops with be at their designated skilling teleport. Most skills have custom areas to get you from 1-99.

Quest Tab Overview

In your quest tab, you will find loads of information from players online to world boosts to boss slayer and molten shard points. This will also display your slayer task as well as other important information.

In the next tab, you will find your collection log, monster kill log, drop table, and loot table. Each of these are self-explanatory. Completing collection logs will offer rewards that vary and scale based on the difficulty of the completed log.

Monster kill log will display the name/number of NPCs you have killed followed by your fastest time killing it. Raids are included.

Drop table, which is the most useful, can be used to search for specific loot to see what NPC drops it. This is great for trying to farm materials and knowing where exactly you have to go.

The loot table will display the possible rewards for chest-related loots with both common/rare tabs.

You will also find Presets here which can be set and used in any bank.

In your next tab, you will find the achievements/diaries tab. You will be spending a LOT of time in these, especially as a beginner. You will receive rewards by completing these achievements and they are ranked in difficulty. Doing a lot of these early will help your journey tremendously.

Your last quest tab will contain 3 quests which you’ll want to complete pretty early as they offer decent rewards to get your account started. They are Learning the Ropes, Horror From The Deep, and Monkey Madness.

Auto Leveling

One final feature I’d like to mention is auto leveling. This feature will automatically train the selected skill from the menu for you while you are afk, sleeping, etc. This is a great method for leveling up skills you hate to do or if you’re trying to passively get XP on your battle pass. Currently supported skills are Combat, Agility, Hunter, and Fishing. You will receive a free 2 hours of auto leveling every day and more can be purchased in the FOMS shop, Donator shop, and Dustopher’s shop.

Efficient Route for New Player

After choosing your account and voting, you’ll want to do starter/beginner achievements to farm up your GP. Begin training your combat stats and aim to get 99 ranged as fast as possible. Getting a cannon and training in a multi-area helps this immensely.

Once you have decent combat stats, camp Karils @ barrows until you get the full set plus the amulet of the damned. Train your herblore to where you can make brews/anti-venoms or buy them from the shop. From there you will camp Zulrah until you are blessed with a tanzanite fang for the blowpipe.

Don’t worry about gold yet. Any significant drop should be burned until you have 75k to purchase the Shadow Archer. It is by far the best first pet you can get. It is greatly useful and will speed up your DPS by a ton. Once you get the blowpipe, you can work on elite void, buy it for $10 in the donator shop OR grind pest control.

From here you will continue maxing out your stats and getting an appropriate total level of 500 to attempt raids. Once you can do Cox, you will grind it for prayer unlocks/possibility of tbow. From there, common/raid loot will supply you with what you need to start finishing up collecting logs in the rest of Delve.

I hope this helps new players get a grasp on Delve and this will be updated as the server updates/changes! Thanks for playing and good luck!