1. Directly harassing and insulting other players is not allowed.

2. Do not purposefully stir up drama or arguments publicly.

3. Flame-baiting is not allowed.

4. Sexism, homophobia, and racism will not be tolerated.

5. Religious discrimination is not allowed.

6. Spamming is prohibited.

7. Please converse in English in public channels.

1. Third-party softwares (e.g. bots, AHK) are banned. [Auto-clickers are allowed if you‘re present.]

2. Real World Trading is prohibited.

3. Do not scam, mislead, or lie for personal gain.

4. Bug abuse for personal gain is not allowed.

5. Encouraging rule breaking is prohibited.

1. No advertising of servers, Discords, forums, etc.

2. Don‘t share content from other servers.

3. Poaching players privately will result in a Discord ban.

1. Account sharing is allowed but at player‘s own risk.

2. Delve won‘t reimburse lost or stolen items.

3. Account responsibility lies with the user. [Excuses like “My brother did it” are invalid.]

4. Buying or selling accounts is banned.

5. Delve staff won‘t ask for your account details.

1. One account per player in the wilderness.

2. Blood Money farming through PVP is banned.

1. Use forums for appeals and reports.

2. Constant nagging may result in appeal denial.

3. Be professional in your reports.

4. Truthfully fill out all report templates.

1. No soundboards/clips in voice channels.

2. Keep loud noises to a minimum.

3. Prohibited: spamming, sharing explicit links/materials.

➜ 1. Donations are non-refundable.

1. Respect the staff; they‘re players too.

2. Constructive feedback is welcome

3. Be patient when seeking staff help.

4. Report staff abuses on Discord. See Section Seven.

➜ 1. Use common sense. Exploiting loopholes, twisting rule wordings, etc., are punishable.